(Tropaeolum majus) - Annual

Nasturtium is a zippy herb with bright flowers to go with its taste. Nasturtium originates in Peru and Peruvian legend says that nasturtium grew from a sack of gold ripped from the hands of thieving Spaniards by the god of the mountains.

Along with its antibiotic properties, nasturtium is also packed with Vitamin C. It is a CLIMBING VINE that grows to 10 feet tall with leaves like water lily pads. In the summer to fall, hot orange, yellow, red, maroon, mahogany or creamy white 2 inch flowers bloom. Both the flowers and leaves have a peppery taste.

Nasturtium is a fun herb to grow with its bright colors and peppery flavors but it can be a difficult herb in Southern summers. As nasturtiums do not like extreme heat, they are difficult summer keepers, though in the upper south, they are able to survive the heat. To grow the best flowers, use poor to average soil- richer soils produce more leaves and fewer flowers.

Growing Tips!

  • Sun Exposure: Full winter sun
  • Where to Plant: Along a south facing wall
  • Water Requirements: Keep moist but not wet
  • Harvesting: Both the leaves and flowers can be used in flavorful appetizers and make tasty additions to summer salads.
  • Soil Type: Poor to average soil for most flower blooms
  • Growth Habit: Medium

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