Chives & Garlic

(Allium schoenoprasum) - Perennial

It was once believed that chives could only be safely prepared by “alchemists” because of the effects chives were thought to have. Back then, chives were known to “emit vapors to the brain, causing troublesome sleep and spoiling the eyesight.” All this has been proven wrong and since then, chives have been proven to be full of the vitamins A and C, and the flowers of chives are known to be edible and tasty as well.

As reflected by its scent, chives are closely related to onion and garlic. This perennial grows from bulbs into long grass-like hollow leaves in clumps and is not usually found larger than about a foot tall. Clumps of lavender, clover-like flowers blossom in the spring.

Additional varieties
Garlic chives…
Also known as “Chinese chives”
Delicate garlic flavor
Used extensively in oriental dishes
Garlic chives are a good choice for those who shy away from full-flavored garlic

Growing Tips!

  • Sun Exposure: Full sun
  • Where to Plant: Near borders or as a ground cover
  • Water Requirements: Keep moist but not wet
  • Harvesting: Before it blooms
  • Soil Type: Moderately rich, well-draining soi
  • Growth Habit: Low-growing

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